Point of sales advocacy, 2006
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Tobacco free sport & recreation, 2005
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Is It Making A Difference? An Evaluation of Nova Scotia’s Youth Tobacco Possession Law – June 2005 (Click here to read PDF File)
Nova Scotia’s Smoke-free Places Act, An Act to Protect Young Persons and Other Persons from Tobacco Smoke (the Act) bans smoking in most public places and workplaces. The law received Royal Assent on 30 May 2002, and came into effect 1 January 2003. The Act allows smoking in restaurants and other places where youth may be present only in designated smoking rooms that are enclosed and separately ventilated. The Act also includes a ban on possession of tobacco by anyone under the age of 19. The consequences for youth under the age of 19 who are in possession of tobacco is confiscation of the products. In the complex domain of tobacco control, with multiple initiatives underway it is challenging to ascertain the effectiveness of the youth possession component of the Act.

Provincial Tobacco Conference, “Nova Scotia Communities Taking Action” Antigonish, 2004
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Kings County Tobacco Survey, 2004
(Survey conducted in conjunction with the Centre for Organization & Research Development, Acadia University, to identify changes in attitudes, behaviors and knowledge before and after the smoke-free bylaw implementation. This survey will also identify key areas viewed by residents as needing change around tobacco issues.)

Smoke-Free Homes, 2003-04
We Share the Air
Youth Advocacy Tool Kit Pilot Project, Health Canada 
(Supporting youth advocacy and public awareness of smoke-free homes &

Smoke-Free Public Places Bylaws, 2002
(Successfully lobbied & supported the Towns of Wolfville & Berwick to become 100% smoke-free)

Provincial Tobacco Conference, 2001
Kespuwick Training Centre, Clementsport, NS
Tobacco: Nova Scotia Communities Taking Action
(Hosted first provincial tobacco conference)

Putting Out the Blaze Project, 1998
Public Awareness, Leisure & Youth, Public Places, School Policy 
(Raised profile of tobacco issues in Kings County.)

Kings County Second-Hand Smoke Survey, 1997
(Surveyed local communities on opinions on second-hand Smoke)

Transition Project, 1996
(Study of youth smoking habits, including support for youth in making healthy lifestyle choices.)

Compliance Checks Project, 1996
(Identified sales of tobacco to minors by Kings County merchants.)

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