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Smoker’s Helpline

Smoker’s Helpline is a website for anyone thinking about quitting or cutting back on their smoking. The website offers a free online quit program and a toll free helpline for confidential one-on-one support. is  for anyone thinking about quitting, preparing to quit, or trying to remain smoke free. The website offers a free step-by-step quit guide, tools to help in the quitting process and information about topics related to smoking.

Go Smoke Free

Go Smoke Free is a site created by Health Canada. The website provides information and tools on how to quit smoking, how to help someone else quit smoking, and how to create smoke-free homes.


Smoke Free Women

Smoke Free Women is specially aimed at helping women who are thinking about or trying to quit smoking. The website offers a free online quit guide, information on topics associated with quitting smoking and a way to connect with other women who are also trying to quit smoking.


Pregnets  offers information, resources, and support to pregnant and postpartum women. It also provides an online discussion board for communication between women seeking information and support.


Smoke Free Teen

Specially aimed at helping teens who are interested in quitting smoking. The website provides information on how decisions, mood, social life, and triggers play into smoking and the quitting process. The site also includes information about health, second-hand smoke, and fitness. The website offers a variety of tools to use if you want to quit smoking or are already smoke-free and want to stay on track.

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