Pledge Kit

Is your home already smoke free? Are you thinking about it? Join the over 1400 Kings and Annapolis Counties residents who have taken the Smoke Free Kings Smoke Free Home pledge. You can complete the pledge on line (see the links at the bottom of this page) or contact Smoke Free Kings for a pledge form. Once you complete the pledge and send it to Smoke Free Kings, you and your family will receive a Smoke Free Homes Kit!

Here are some strategies for making and keeping, your home and vehicle smoke free:

  • Let every caregiver (including teenage babysitters) know that you don’t allow your children to be in smoke-filled environments. That means no smoking in your home but also no visits to smoky coffee shops.
  • If you are pregnant make your home smoke free and let people know that your home will continue to be a smoke free environment after your baby arrives.
  • Iif you live with a smoker, be supportive of efforts to quit but be firm about your own right to live in a smoke free home.
  • Ask a smoker to smoke outside but agree to sit outside or go for a walk with her to show you’re not rejecting her, just the smoke.
  • If you’re a smoker, try to explain what the addiction is like. Be honest about your own worries and feelings of guilt.
  • Accept the fact that kids have a right to a smoke free home. Be open to discussing how, as a family, you will achieve that goal.
    Source: Health Canada


Pledge Links

Download, print and fill out the Pledge Form here

Download, print and fill out the Certificate here

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