Youth Advocacy Toolkit

Smoke Free Spaces Youth Advocacy Tool Kit

Youth in Kings and Annapolis County were given the opportunity to explore the CD Toolkit in a variety of ways. Many of the junior high PDR classes and teachers explored the CD to raise awareness of second hand smoke and how they (youth) could advocate for smoke free spaces.

The youth found the CD fun, entertaining and informative. The CD inspired many youth to begin to brainstorm ways that they could promote smoke free spaces in their homes, schools and community.

The CD Toolkit is a valuable resource that will continue to be used by youth in Kings and Annapolis Counties in their efforts to advocate for smoke free spaces!

What is the Toolkit?

The Smokefree Spaces Activist Toolkit supports Canadian youth in taking action against second-hand smoke. The CD-ROM can be used to learn about second-hand smoke and activism, or to get together with others to take action on creating smoke free spaces where you live. For more information on the tool kit or to get your own copy visit

Links to other Smoke Free Homes Projects:

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